About Anguilla

Anguilla is a self-governing, British overseas territory. The northernmost Leeward Island in the Lesser Antilles, it is located east of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands and directly north of Saint Martin.

A flat, low-lying island formed by coral and limestone, Anguilla is 16 miles (26 km) long by 3 miles (4.8km) at its widest point.

Anguilla has a local population of approximately 15,134 and the island draws over 80,000 visitors each year. Regular ferry service takes travelers to and from Saint Martin; the island also has a small airport connecting to international airports.

Although the island is known for its great weather, beaches, and restaurants, it is the warm and friendly people of Anguilla that make the experience of being there special.

Health Care on the Island

The Health Authority of Anguilla (HAA) is raising funds to build a health facility to ensure that the health care needs of citizens and visitors are met.

The current hospital, the Princess Alexandra Hospital (PAH), was built in the 1980s by the UK Government with little vision for future development. Now, more than 30 years later, there is an increasing demand in health care for state of the art diagnostics and clinical services.

At present, it is often necessary for low-income individuals to undertake expensive travel to neighboring islands and sometimes to the United States, seeking basic medical care for the treatment of common conditions such as glaucoma, hypertension, diabetes, and renal failure.

Though there is a private health centre on the island, Hughes Medical Centre, PAH is the only 24-hour health facility. In addition to referrals from Hughes Medical Centre and other private practitioners, all emergency cases – including the delivery of newborns – are referred to the PAH, regardless of ability to pay.

It is therefore critical that a modern health facility be constructed to address the many growing health care issues facing residents and visitors alike.

Donations will be used for the development of a new, state of the art facility that will provide health care that saves lives, such as maternal and child health, diagnostics and emergency medicine, which are important to both residents and visitors.

Expanded services at the new facility will include:

  • A modern, well-equipped, and staffed Emergency Department needed to triage and if necessary prepare for transfer those patients that need specialized care
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • Laboratory, Radiology, and Maternal equipment upgrades

As an integral factor in improving patient health outcomes, staff training relating to the expanded set of services will also be a priority.

The new purpose-built health care facility will replace the Princess Alexandra Hospital (PAH). The present PAH will be retrofitted and utilized as a Senior Citizen Home when the new facility is completed.

Board of Directors

John T. Evans

Mr. Evans currently runs the William C. Dowling Foundation, which is an 18 million dollar foundation in the U.S. that focuses its grant-making on health care and health care delivery systems. Mr. Evans is also a partner at Belair and Evans, a law firm that represents hospitals and other health care providers in medical malpractice cases. Mr. Evans has visited Anguilla over the past 15 years and cares deeply about the health and welfare of the community.

Seymour Hodge

Mr. Hodge worked for the government of Anguilla from 2006 to 2013. He has a background in mathematics and worked for the Education Department of the City of New York for 5 years. Mr. Hodge was also an Adjunct Lecturer at the City University of New York for over 20 years.

Michael Manning

Mr. Manning served as a computer programmer and was Director of Treasury and Global Cash Management at Eastern Airlines from 1968 to 1986. After leaving Eastern Airlines, he went on to work for Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Massachusetts. In 1997, he moved to Partners Healthcare System, where he held various management level positions until 2015. Mr. Manning has served on many Boards during his career, including the Board of the Homeowners Association in Anguilla.

Gary Sharpe

Mr. Sharpe also has significant experience as a Board member for nonprofit organizations. He was on the Board of Trustees at Brown Memorial Home in Circleville, OH for 6 years and served as chair of that Board for 5 years. Mr. Sharpe was also on the Board of Berger Health System in Circleville, OH and in charge of IT functions from the Board level.

Dr. Leonard Richardson

Dr. Richardson is a medical professional with knowledge of the medical needs of Anguilla. He owns a residence in Anguilla and is currently the owner of Kingdom Medicine and Pediatrics in Pikesville, MD. Mr. Richardson is a decorated veteran of the United States Air Force and is on the Board of Trustees of several nonprofits in the Pikesville area.


For inquiries related to the Anguilla Health Care Foundation, please email: info@anguillahealthcarefoundation.org